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December 2012

go to VDEO / CINE and participate in this interactive lecture/workshop

Movie of the month has been carried over to January since Dec. did not allow for relaxed interaction- please view and respond, this one is a truely educational adventure.


AV of the month is discussed by Christine under SCRIPTWRITING

Comming UP:

A contemporary AV by Ryno demonstrating 'stop motion'

hein waschefort AV forum

Two big events coming up

Pretoria Super Circuit Salon

3 Salons with two AV sections CLICK HERE

AV Congress Competition

New Annual AV competition with winner receiving a PSSA silver medal and AV gets screened continuously together with the recent successful honours panels at the 'Dome Photo Expo'




The Cape is tops on AV

Paternoster AV Festival June 2013 Weskus Geselligheid !!
Allow me to start by thanking all those involved in the preparation and running of the event – it was a real pleasure to be there – on many levels. Well organised, well run – yet a casual but efficient atmosphere dominated the event leading to many friendships being formed that together with memories of some unforgettable AVs that we saw will linger long after the tasty food digests.
On arrival I was met by Koos and his wife Petro and the biggest black dog that I have ever seen – called Stoflap who stood at the gate welcoming us all with his huge paws casually hanging over the gate-top while he surveyed and frightened the new arrivals.


The AVs that were to be shown had been grouped into themes which gave a feeling of unity to each session. Audience participation was guaranteed by voting slips passed around after each session and announced at the start of the next. We appear to have been a mature audience, as very good AVs on difficult subjects were highly rated.

As we all know, AVs have two components – Audio and Visual.
If you do not understand the language, a very good AV can fall
flat. Sub-titles help, but detract from the images at the same
time. Something we should all be aware of when submitting to
foreign AV Salons.

pic 1

As coordinator of the CTPS AV section I had challenged our members to “just enter” the PAVC Salon. Shortly after closing date Jeff Morris told me that CTPS had submitted the most entries (11) which was a wonderful response. Well done all !

As a sub-competition open to CTPS members only within the PAVC Salon Jeff had arranged for the Salon judges to select the best entry from a first-time AV salon entrant, and also the best entry from CTPS regardless of prior salon acceptances – both of which were scooped up by Ingrid Fraser who then went on to win a PSSA Silver for Across the line and a PAVC Gold for Green Door. Pat Hutchison got an acceptance for Red Indian People, and Hanelore & Heiner Seifart an acceptance for Faces of Zanzibar.

As a result of their outstanding achievements CTPS with 72 points won the trophy for the most successful club, beating PAVC with 61 who came second. Well done all ! So you make AVs do you? Are all AV makers the same? Are you a photographer who uses the AV medium to show off your images, or are you a story teller who will use any appropriate images in an AV in order to tell a story? Both are valid, and both have a place in the AV Genre.

During the Festival we saw various AVs with archival images, some humorous and two AVs on the mud-slide disaster in Aberfan, Wales in 1966. The first was so powerful that I was speechless with tears in my eyes after seeing it. That AV would not have had the impact that it did if the Archival images had not been included. To disallow AVs using archival images or images from the net is to cause great harm to the AV genre, which is already losing authors year by year as salon submission stats show. We cannot afford to be fussy, and need to move with the times. The Festival ended on a high note with a restrictive rule in the upcoming CTPS AV Salon being removed. Thank you Neels Beyers, Thank you PSSA,

thank you all !
Joy Wellbeloved
Cape Town Photographic Society AV Section Coordinator

Audio Visual Festivals - Midrand

A big thanks to the Midrand Camera Club for hosting the mini AV festival on Saturday, 22 June 2013 held at their regular meeting venue at the Nikon head office in Midrand. The event was attend by AV makers and would be AV makers, who enjoyed a delightful program of both local and overseas AVs put together by Jeff Morris, a mini version of the festival that he had so brilliantly structured for the weekend at Paternoster.
Evelyn Gibson President of the Midrand Camera Club said the following in her address:
"On behalf of Midrand Camera Club, it was a privilege to host the AV Festival which was an extension of the Paternoster AV Festival. With 22 attendees from all spheres of photography we experienced some stunning AVs from all over the world – where does that imagination come from, one needs to ask. The South African AVs shown need also to be applauded and we are up there with these guys, maybe for some of us we felt SA was better with our AVs (a biased opinion of course) than the
rest of the world but as we all know everything is so subjective. A most enjoyable day with great food, great camaraderie, some good wine at the end of the day and as always Nikon came to the party with their venue, their food and hospitality.
Thank you to all who supported this event hosted by Midrand Camera Club."

Our thanks go to Jeff Morris for the time he spent in putting the programme together for the two events.
He also provided the equipment for the events as well as having obtained and sourced all the material
that was presented at both festivals. The variety was endless from comedy, documentaries, thought
provoking AVs, to serious and a whole lot in between. It certainly gave us all a lot to think about and a
different perspective when it comes to making AVs. He also encouraged dialogue and comment from
amongst the delegates, which was refreshing.
A very small percentage of photographers use the AV medium as a way to showcase their photography
and one can only hope that with festivals such as the one at Paternoster and the one at Midrand it will
encourage others to venture into this medium and use AVs as a creative platform for their photography.
PSSA’s AV division Chairperson is Hein Waschefort and anyone wanting any information on AVs
should contact Hein.
Anne d’Oliveira
Delegate at both Paternoster and Midrand AV Festivals

About the AV forum

This forum is intended as a soundboard for all PSSA AV workers and will ultimately aim to uplift, improve and enjoy AVs from all our members

YOUR VOICE (on left) is our new weapon to fight for AVs to become the 'Top Spot' of PSSA genres.

The various headings will each handle news; information; guidelines; crit of work and an interactive question and answer section. Our panel of 16 PSSA AV Experts will support, crit, educate and answer questions

This forum does not cater for historic controversial issues: I was voted as director and appointed to steer AVs. My election into this position was done to improve and advance AV work within PSSA, it is known by all who elected me that I place a high premium on creativity, and has done so since my first PSSA salon entry in 1973, I therefore will consciously propagate creative AV production. This forum will not tolerate petty remarks such as 'no biltong please'! The forum will serve for the greater good of PSSA and will aim at inspiring AV workers and even convert the guys from 'The Dark Side' (digital and print workers) to join our fantastic explosive new genre which has no limit for expression- be it wildlife or avant garde.

Looking forward to a rich creative future for AVs within PSSA

Hein Waschefort


Click on subject of choice on left. Some pages and headings may not yet be functional (the Rome story)
Panel of 15 PSSA experts

This provisional panel might change, however, I do not wish for it to change since I feel that it represents the cream of the specialist concerned with AVs within the PSSA

1. Barrie Wilkins – Hon MPSSA, FPSSA (Dux), ESFIAP, Hon PSA, FPSA Hon
expert: travel, wildlife and judging (Pictures ToExe)
2. Jill Sneesby – Hon MPSSA, MPSSA, FPSSA (Dux), ESFIAP, EFIAP
expert: pictorial, wildlife and judging (Pictures ToExe)
3. Frank Reuvers – Hon FPSSA, FPSSA (Dux), EPSSA (AV), EFIAP, (FPSSA AV)
expert: pictorial and landscape (Proshow)
4. Anne D’Oliviera & Franz Jesche – APSSA
expert: documentary and travel (longer feature AVs)
5. Willem Oets – FPSSA (AV)
expert: avant garde, travel, story, technical (Wings Platinum)
6. Adri van Oudheusden – FPSSA (AV)
expert: story, landscape, archival, avant garde (Picture ToExe, Photoshop)
7. Antenie Carstens – FPSSA ARPS
expert: documentary
8. Thomas Niemeyer- APSSA, AV-AFIAP
expert: Sound and AV still and video integration
9. Chris Daly – FPSSA APSSA (Vers) AFIAP
expert: avant garde, technical (Picture ToExe, Photoshop)
10. Hein Lass – APSSA
expert: Avant Garde (Adobe Flash, Photoshop)
11. Gus Waschefort – FPSSA, APSSA (verse)
expert: photo journalism, documentary, travel, legal, technical, video
12. Hein Waschefort – FPSSA (DUX), EPSSA (FPSSA AV)
expert: Avant Garde, underwater, technical, (Proshow, Pictures ToExe, Photoshop)
13. Christine Waschefort – APSSA
expert: landscape, scriptwriting, legal (Proshow)
14. Ryno Oosthuizen – APSSA
expert: Avant Garde, technical, video (Proshow, Pictures ToExe, Photoshop)
15. Willi Sator – APSSA
expert: wildlife, technical, video (Adobe Llightroom)