hein waschefort

South African artist & photographer born Pretoria 22-2-1956.    

Since I can remember I perceived the world around me in pictures – objects, people, places, dimensions, perspectives and even words – and I have always had the urge to record and communicate what I see. So I started drawing, painting and sculpting, and ended up studying fine arts at university.
Then I discovered a camera, film and a darkroom and found a new exciting medium for my art: photography. For me as a visual artist, the digital era provides endless opportunities to create images across platforms and disciplines, combining photography with digital art, graphics and presentations.
My career as a conceptual artist and photographer started in 1980. During the next year, when I was appointed as a photography lecturer at the then Pretoria Technical College, I discovered that I had a flair for teaching visual arts, particularly photography.
I developed courses and course materials and later I was co-founder of VSS Creative Photo & Design College. On the education and training side, in addition to being Course Developer at VSS, I conduct masterclasses on a regular basis over weekends.

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